Zoe Robson — Kingston, Ontario Canada




She smokes meth and sells it. She sleeps with under age men. She is a danger to her kids and your kids beware of this worthless scum.

Hiding out in: Canada,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

You are obviously doing something wrong. Nobody would be doing this for no reason. You claim everything is a lie. This just shows exactly who you are. Best of luck dear.

Answers Answered By: Denise [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

This is an absolute joke heres a idea how about you get a hobby instead of posting s**t about me online and if this is denise I have a journal here of urs and can start posting some of ur s**t online like 5 guys in one day. That’s classy and if its anyone else your ridiculous and pathetic and I hope u realize that. Remove these posts and this has been reported to the police and u will be found out and prosecuted for this

Answers Answered By: Zoe [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Hey Zoe. Don be so angry. I’m single baby. Hit me up at Benjamin at Sworkit dot com. Download our app too. Looks like you could lose a few pounds. Let’s do some meth and stretch together and you can ride my peen. I’m on this site too. Check out my page.

Answers Answered By: Benjamin Young [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

does she sell the shirts? lots of users would be scared to wear it but she might sell some to the brave and addicted

Answers Answered By: ben [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

How about you getting a real job and doing something with your life, there’s an idea for your trifling lying a*s.

Answers Answered By: Raul [ Grey Star Level]

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