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Diane "diANtinatalist" Bandy – McCandless/Wexford, PA

Diane Bandy the unemployed, menacing leech was on the news again! This time, it wasn't her burning down her house, killing a bunch of dogs, but it was just as morbid. Check out her disgusting Halloween...

Diane Bandy – Wexford, PA

Diane Bandy from Wexford, PA is an all around hater and deadbeat! This entitled narcissist despises her parents, because they wouldn't buy her everything she wanted, when she was a kid. Thus is why...

Diane Bandy aka diANtinatalist of McCandless, PA, USA

This selfish, entitled, attention seeking, lowlife tries so hard to be a cougar, but looks ridiculous! 😆 How can anybody find this to be attractive? How can anyone take this screwball seriously? Diane...

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