Scott Michael Sortino – Sioux Falls, South Dakota




Scott Sortino is a liar and a cheater. He lives to scam women. One in the home and one in a love nest to travel around with is his motto. He doesn’t care who he hurts. Scott will make commitments and agreements then when he’s caught say he didn’t. He will talk you into joint account to spend all your money and he’ll then tell you it’s all his.

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Answer #1

This a*****e is a scammer and a cheater. He ropes girls into opening a bank account with him to save for a cruise or whatever he thinks they fantasize about doing. Just before the big day, he withdraws the money for himself and promises to repay his victims. They all say he is charming and clever a*s a scammer but a lousy lover with an underdeveloped p***s.

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Answer #2

Scott’s love nest is an igloo shed out in back of his mom’s house. He takes local prostitutes and sneaks in boys when he knows she’s asleep. He likes to gag them so they don’t make alot of noise and wake mommy.

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Answer #3

He help me with tax return and keep most of the money for his self and said the complications in the new law made him think and he charge extra for that. I don’t think I will recommend him to my neighbor.

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