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My son is handicapped and is wheel chair bound and now 31 years old and college grad. His father Scott Kagan was ordered in court to provide a residence for his son to live comfortably after college. He rented the townhouse and made income for 2 years until my son graduated and then sold the townhome under market value and said my son couldn’t pay the remaining mortgage. Which was not true.

My ex-husband, Scott Kagan was back in child support of over $150k at one time from 1991 when court ordered him to pay.

Scott Kagan also violated the fiduciary obligations and formed an illegal trust without involving me, the mother. Then robbed my son of his future home.
My son now lives in poverty and I am only working part time and trying to help him.

To add to this horrible act even though his father lives in the same city, Honolulu. Hawaii, he refuses to have any contact with his only son and namesake and says he is an adult, on his own. After robbing him of his home and trust for his future security.

By the way his father, Scott Kagan is a millionaire property holder, commercial Realtor. He is a heartless and cold Narcissist and only cares about himself and his money.

He has devastated me and my disabled son.

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