Renne Hom — San Jose, California




Scott Brightenstein caught an STD from Renne Hom then she infected Andre Jae Canepa with this evil virus. Andre says he got it from her nasty p***y of, Renne. One of them is lying or has slept with someone nastier than themself, because you can’t get that stuff from thinking about cheating. Renne Hom does run a little s*x escort business thru her bedroom at her place. It’s more likely she gave it to Andre and Scott the nasty s**t but, you never know, Andre and Scott sleeps with other nasty b*****s, too, fake “Renne Hom” isn’t the only w***e he screws, just one of the nastier girls he gets with when there’s no one else around and he’s h***y.


Hiding out in: California,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

This is all lies posted by Kevin Angileri who had taken this photo from my Facebook page. This idiot can’t even spell “Breitenstein” right.

Answer #2

Keep my name out of all your stupid bullshit and rants, Renne. I already told you I’m not paying you any more money and you know we never slept together. Stop lying about the nature of our relationship. You know I have a girlfriend and I don’t care who you sleep with or how many people you sleep with. Haven’t you already caused enough trouble for your ‘friends’ and family?

Answers Answered By: andre [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

What the f**k! You need a picture of a pretty face to put on the bag if yoou f**k this tramp.

Answers Answered By: kevin [ Grey Star Level]

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