Rachelle Anderson — Dallas, Texas




Rachelle doesn’t accept bitcoin, yet. Ho-ing is easy when you cake on the makeup and have no morals, finding a cheater can be so easy. Getting them to buy you things you want is a little trickier, she’s tired of eating fastfood and getting trinkets for her s*x, she wants more. She’s a Ho on the move. A new tat would be nice, afterall, she spreads as wide as her chubby legs can open.


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Answer #1

It looks like they will only fall out if she wants them to, she could probably do some jumping jacks to test the floozy level of the top.

Answers Answered By: kaitlon [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

she used to work in san antonio, looks like she got a b**b job! that should help with the escort biz

Answers Answered By: sal [ Grey Star Level]

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