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I had a 3 year relationship with this dirty cheating 38 year old man who was having booty calls with a 22 year old ghetto speaking little girl. can you say busted? His fantasy world just became his reality. Lost all his friends and family and now believes all his own lies. He is a true sociopath. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!


Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Warwick By: [ Grey Star Level]
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With aface like that phil can get any d**n girl he wants as long as he keeps the shirt on and buys them something they like. They likes blunts and pepsi and Export A’s and motels and hotels and new clothes and something to eat like mcdonalds and tim hortons and waffles and toast and more condoms and not the big ones guys usually like and they fall off and she has to use her health care and she wants to party and eat and smoke and drive and sleep. the HO story

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