Nichole Brownlee — Raleigh, North Carolina




Nichole Brownlee is a w***e and one and the same nasty girl. She f***s for money to buy drugs and drinks and more drugs. There’s never enough left over to get shots from a free clinic because she can’t take the time to get her infected a*s over there, she’s always chasing her buzz and needs many dicks to keep her habit up and running so she can keep tricking and keep sticking to her regular diet of cheap drinks and as much drugs as she can afford to buy. Another social media w***e who spreads her legs to spread diseases, she rarely knows what day it is but, if you c*m, she gets to cop and get off.

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I was all itchy after f*****g her and we used a condom. She did stretch it on me but her nails looked clean, just a little oily. I hope I didn’t catch something!

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