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Michael Pepin left me 5 days before I had our second child. Found out he has been seeing and sleeping with a woman he works with. He is a lawyer and his girlfriend texted me one morning he didn’t come home to let me know she just left the hotel they slept in. We met up later that night to catch him qt his own game. He then chooses girlfriend over his pregnant wife! I had a beautiful little boy he ended up coming back home two weeks after baby was born stayed for two weeks and left again. He is now with his girlfriend with no money and we are about to loose everything because of his stupidity!! I have already filed for divorce and I have sole custody of the boys until we go to court. He still tries to sweet talk me. Just today he wanted me to come over and pick his clothes up so he could come back home. I refused. I told him I need to get on with my life and have a peace of mind. I still love him very much but I know it could never work!! The pain hurts I miss him but not his lies.

Anyone out there have any advice I’m having such a hard time dealing with this on my own.

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Answer #1

Make him get a second job and get your own lawyer, one who would like to f**k him in court.

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Answer #2

Michael was looking for a divorce attorney when he started cheating with his side b***h. He just got caught and complicated things. He’s not a very good lawyer or cheater, just a d**k on the loose.

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Answer #3

Michael Pepin of Minneapolis, MN hates fat women and children! He’s an attorney who likes whores and more whores.

Answers Answered By: escorts [ Grey Star Level]

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