Melissa Wehrle Kidd — West Virginia




She talks about everybody behind their backs . Especially friends. She lets her kids live on the system and he lazy like herself . She cheats on her husband Danny and had for many years . She cheats on him now with guys at her jobs making out with them in the parking lot. She even takes cancer in four different times . Said she didn’t know and blamed it on her daughter’s then. She was still posting it after they had computers taken and pages down. People need to jail inform the law this b***h is a drunk and liar and conning people online. She goes and bullies women online. a lot too . She went v****a to breast cancer and was cured in three days . She’s a complete fraud and cheats around on her husband with men in face book and at work . Uses the computer to bully and say she will press charges on people . Hey she takes cancer though.

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Answer #1

She never was bright in school and dirt poor and lied a lot. Slept around. Her daughter’s do it now .

Answers Answered By: Missy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Not surprised she’s that low. Look at Jessica and cassie . Nobody likes them really.

Answers Answered By: Omg [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

She’s faked cancer more then once even telling people at her jobs donations needed when she needed beer or her power paid or Jessica mccay /kidd her baby girls power paid .not shocked

Answers Answered By: It's mental [ Grey Star Level]

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