Marquez Deon Madden — Little Rock, Arkansas




Marquez made a decision when I was 8 months pregnant to leave and get back with his other children’s mother. The entire time we were together, he lied about one of the children saying she wasn’t his. After he left, he lied about our child and did the same thing, said it wasn’t his. That was 6 years ago. To date, Marquez admitted he quit a job years ago because he got the heads up that I was going to put him on hold support. He has been in and out of jail because he can’t control himself when he drinks, stupid behind gets public intoxication type of charges and misses court then has to go sit when hey catch him. He’s changed his numbers and if he calls, always blocks the numbers. He cares so much about how others perceive him, let’s see how he perceives himself!

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Hiding out in: Arkansas By: [ Grey Star Level]

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