Mark McVay — Wichita, Kansas




Invite Mark McVay into your house and watch him work. It doesn’t take this confidence-cheating thief to find and eat all the cookies, drain a bank account, use all the toilet paper and never replace the roll. He wears the same stained undies and never brushes his teeth. He doesn’t work and complains like a b***h, expects dinner on the table and his shoes shined. He’s something from the movies, a nightmare that just won’t go away. Ladies love him until he sits on the couch and makes it smell s****y. You’ll need a pry bar to get him out and a bottle of Febreeze to forget he was there. He’s a nasty a*****e and will probably want some cookies for the road.!


Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level]

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