Marcie Murrain-Dams — Portland, Oregon




Attn: Marcie has no shame when it c**s to faithfulness. We screwed no longer than 10 minutes or so every morning after what dude she has in her life leaves… She is good at lying and lies but better as a local sperm dump. Wear protection!

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Answer #1

She didn’t used to be able to suck a d**k for s**t but practice makes perfect and that little ring in her mouth makes her more like a professional w***e. Let’s hope she never starts charging, we like freebies.

Answers Answered By: frank [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Marcie d**k hops from cheater to cheater looking for tips. She is on all social media looking to hook up with married men and wants to move in on some unsuspecting wife who will leave the d**k to her like she’s having a birthday and his c**k will be her present to open and she will blow on his candle.

Answers Answered By: frannier [ Grey Star Level]

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