Manuel Bornia — West Palm Beach & Wellington, Florida




Manuel Bornia: Liar, Cheater, Con Artist of Florida

Cheating on his clients by wasting their valuable time and money is enough to send this cheating scum bag to jail, yet, it’s just not enough for him. He needs to cheat on his wife, the mother of his two kids, to help his low self-esteem. A whole life built together just isn’t enough for him. A business that cheats his clients and employees isn’t enough for him. He needs to cheat on his wife, his partner in life.


Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Florida By: [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

he a closet f****t
like to keep it on the DL

Answers Answered By: hector [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

manuel was cheated in a lot of areas (girth, length and normal appearance) and takes his frustration out on unsuspecting cheaters
he’s a d**k and expects girls not to laugh when they see his ‘manhood’

Answers Answered By: georgia [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

cheating b*****d, here comes Karma…

Answers Answered By: anonrose [ Grey Star Level]

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