Kyle J Lalonde — Virginia Beach, Virginia




Kyle is a lying cheater. He has a girlfriend since August 2015. He will tell you he does not, but he does. Her name is Susanne Rogers and her Instagram is: justpeachy.lifts. He will say the sweetest things to you to make you fall for him. Just know every word out of his mouth is a LIE! He lives in Va beach, so beware. He will try to show you nude pics so you can see how large his p**** is so you’ll sleep with him. His girl knows he is a cheater but has decided to stay with him. So sad she does not know she deserves better. He is not happy with her, but won’t leave her either. He will find another girl to lie to and sleep with all while lying to her. Also, he will be very secretive about social media. He will friend you and then block you so you can’t post on his account. All I can say is, beware of this lying cheater!!!!

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Answer #1

susanne rodgers is cheating on him also, it’s an std merry-go-round

Answers Answered By: hope [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

UGH! We did not use protection – I am sick to my stomach. I do not sleep around. His ability to lie about everything is astonishing. He said he lives near Mt Trashmore when he lives off of Indian Lakes. HE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!! At least she is not taking his s**t! She is a little cutie and deserves better!

Answers Answered By: Serenity [ Grey Star Level]

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