Kristie Manning — Las Vegas, Nevada




She is a floozy, she lives in Las Vegas and Hawaii both, sometimes here sometimes there but mostly in Vegas, she is a s**t talker and into married men or men in relationships, stealing everybody’s men and ruining marriages, be aware!! she makes living on selling her Nude photos and s*x videos. shes got friends everywhere so be really aware of her anytime and anywhere you might see her. stay away from her and she is also bisexual so I advise women and men all to stay away from her. she ruined my marriage and I don’t want this happening to anyone else ever.she is also a not trust her words, she dates couples, men, girls.she is on the website of Top Escort Babes, city Las Vegas by the nickname of: black card entertainers.and on Instagram by the names of Kristie manning – freebikinibody – sirenoflv -djgeminiissues . She is also not 26 but 36.


Hiding out in: Nevada By: [ Grey Star Level]

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