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Please be careful around Katie Lauria. She will pretend to love you but she is too wild and crazy to know what love is and what love means. Why I say this is because we were in love and every chance she got she would cheat and play me behind my back, and I was the one paying everything and taking care of her and buying her beautiful things and giving her money. She never showed me any kind of love or respect how sad is that.


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Answer #1

The only sad thing is how you got played LOL.

Answers Answered By: Dr.Who [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Katie would love to get f****d for money. She needs clean panties, another tattoo and could really benefit from a basic photography class. After all, she’s practicing to be a paid s**t and just needs someone to show her the ropes, she wasn;t paying attention when her momma tried to school her in the ways of the world. Her biggest obstacle will be that the mirror doesn’t really like her.

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Answer #3

No sympathy here. EVERYONE in this city knows what she’s like. You somehow thought you were special cause you stupidly threw money at a human dumpster fire? Anyone who can date someone with rotten a*s teeth and poor hygiene like her deserves what they get. Nasty.

Answers Answered By: Bre [ Grey Star Level]

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