Kateryna Gudziak Former Escort Now at Kellogg School of Management




Kateryna Gudziak got gang raped at the University of Michigan, where she flunked most of her classes, and then transferred to UW Madison. During the summer of 2011, she escorted for a living on the websites AshleyMadison and SeekingArrangement, where she bragged to men like myself that she made thousands of dollars. She is currently at the Kellogg School of Management interviewing for positions in the jewelry business when she’s a used up former escort now married to a bumpkin from Brazil. I almost feel bad for her; didn’t have the grades or GMAT to get into a higher ranked MBA program and thinks her track record will get her anywhere in this business. She walked in to my office, with her droopy b***s hanging out, expecting a job and I told her to leave. Word in fashion is that she slept with one of her bosses at Co:Collective while she was engaged and he was married with children AND she also misappropriated funds from the business to fund purchases. Kateryna Gudziak is a sociopath of the first order: too dumb to design well, too dumb to work well, too slutty to keep her legs closed.


Hiding out in: Illinois By: [ Grey Star Level]

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