Kate Edmondson — Dayton, Ohio




Dis nasty triflin hoe got 3 kids n 3 bby daddy’s n prolly don’t even kno all dey daddies! She treat one of Em like s**t and stays f****n all deez n****s but suppose to be by sexuality. She eat p***y and sucks d**k all day and f**k for cash and get trips by old a*s men she meet on the Internet! She f**k in hotel rooms and spend all her money at Fat Tuesday getting drunk and doin meth n coke! She is a walking Std so if you see her throw her some money and she gon do whateva u ask her to! She okay in the face but got…She is a deadbeat mother that has 3 kids. Two was taken from her when police walk in and caught her naked s******g 5 guys at same time. She don’t buy neither one of them anything , she to busy worried about her business and married men. She only has one daughter left because state took the other two children away from her. Oldest daughter is in her 20’s now droped out of college to become a crack head and w***e just like her mother.


Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Ohio By: [ Grey Star Level]

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