Karen Joyce — Hampton, New Hampshire




Just before the bar closed, Karen Joyce made her move. She looked pretty good through his beer goggles and he forgot to remind her he was married. She saw he still wore his ring, she knew he was married and she cheated with him anyway. It was her opportunity to get what she wanted and have an excuse when his wife found out, claim she thought they weren’t together. But this s**t knew the situation and went to much trouble to get herself some c**k. Problems all the way around when he couldn’t get hard for her and f****d up his marriage for himself. Losers never prosper, but often times a s**t will get some d**k and break up a marriage. Hope ol’ softy didn’t leave you bitter, Karen Joyce A*s, their are other cheaters out there for you, you just have to sleaze and slip around a little more.


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Did they have car almost-s*x or did they waste money and get a room?

Answers Answered By: evelyn [ Grey Star Level]

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