Julie Berrisford — Minneapolis, Minnesota




Skeezer Julie Berrisford puts out and, someone needs to put her name out there as the floozy she is, warning what’s left of the town about her dirty intentions of f*****g the entire population, cheating with everyone between the age of 13 and 83. Grandpas are getting V****a from the doctor just to tap this dirty a*s.


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Answer #1

Julie won the cher looka like contest and now want to charge more for her $22 b*****b. She like to get the extra two dollar to pay for the rubbers she make the man wear before he can stick it in her mouth.

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Answer #2

This s***k is well known by all men cheating on their significant other, she’s the talk of the town. She f****d a woman’s husband and said the wife was trying to breaak them up after he was done with her, a real sloot.

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