John Baldo — Cary, Illinois




He is a habitual liar. He said he was divorced but was living with his wife. I found out that he was cheating after he told me his last girlfriend commited suicide. I heard it all. Heart attack, cancer, stung by a stingray. He would stand me up all the time, ask me for money, which I stupidly gave to him. Hasn’t held down a job and does look for new victims once you find out his scam. The s*x wasn’t even good. Apparently he married someone and he told me the only reason he married her was because she was pregnant. I feel so sorry for her. But the jokes on him. All he ever wanted was money and I came into a very substantial amount of money and now the jokes on him. I hope whoever reads this takes this to heart so they don’t end up getting screwed by him. I truly believe what goes around comes around. Now I could buy at least 10 Corvettes and have money left over. Ha Ha


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