Joey Martin aka Pittsburgh biggest loser




Beware ladies, stay far far away from this man. He has multiple kids by multiple BM’s that he doesn’t support. He’s a thief, a user, and the only thing he cares about is his poison a*s d*ck. Comment here if you’ve come in encounter with this P.O.S


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Answer #1

Wow he looks great. How many pounds did he lose?

Answers Answered By: Biggest Loser Fan [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Idk. But as you’re aware, thieves can’t afford to eat. Karma needs to play catch up already🙏🏿

Answers Answered By: Hate Him [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Tell them Large Marge sent you

Answers Answered By: Joey’s mom [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Hahahahaha. I have a slight idea who is behind this and just know I love u for this

Answers Answered By: Joeys Jail boyfriend [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

I think I might know who this is LOL. And just know that I love you for this😂

Answers Answered By: Joeys Jail Boyfriend [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

How many kids does he have now? 6? 7? What about the ones he doesn’t claim. I hear he’s on unemployment intentionally so he doesn’t have to pay child support

Answers Answered By: Jailbird [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

Let’s keep sharing this MF around the internet. Let it be known that he hides his income all while traveling to Miami recently so he don’t have to pay child support. Support your kids you f**** loser.

Answers Answered By: Not done [ Grey Star Level]

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