Jeffery Varboncouer, The Tint Guy Joliet Illinois




Works for himself to avoid paying child support. Has seven kids between three moms and pays none of them a dime. 7 kids and years of unpaid child support. Owes enough money to buy each of them a great house. Blames moms why is no relationship with most of his kids. Enjoys vacations, tattoos, drugs of all sorts, and girlfriends on the weekend but can’t seem scrape up money to send to his kids every week never mind the fact that they still need to eat whether he has the money or not. If confronted by mother, his response is always you’re the one that left why should I help you? Is works for himself now four years to avoid paying taxes so that that money didn’t go to his kids. His business is not registered with state county or federal level. Lies in court stating that he has no job so that they won’t throw him in jail for non-payment. Or if he just hands the mother that has taken him to Court $100 and it’s pushed off for another 3 to 6 months. Has a suspended license but that doesn’t stop him from driving or working for himself in a business that requires driving.

Hiding out in: Illinois By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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