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This is Janet Hatfield a teacher at the Galston High School Sydney Australia. She had an affair with a happily married man being the husband of my friend for a period of over 12 months. Janet is the one whom contacted my friends husband she instigated a coffee date with him then invited him into her home and bed and started an affair with him, emailing and messaging him constantly begging him to visit her. Yes Janet Hatfield he is also to blame and is cheater and no better of character then you. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to destroy a beautiful marriage and home unit with a loving wife and 2 children involved, Do you have any remorse as a honest woman or did you stop to think for his loving wife of 20 plus years a lady whom stood by his side for his children, do you have any self-worth or respect for yourself as a woman? All this for a quick 30 minutes of fun of selfish pleasure a few times a week? Did you stop to think that after fuking you he went home to his loyal loving wife whom was waiting for her husband to come home? So do you honestly think you were really important to him or honestly think he actually loved you?

To Janet Hatfield, I’m here to lecture you on your moral choices. You really need to to start valuing yourself as a respectful woman and shouldn’t let men use you the way my friends husband has. Maybe you just havn’t been loved enough by anyone and need that little bit of attention to make yourself feel good. Maybe and most likely your just really selfish and don’t care about the consequences of your actions and the impact it has had on his wife and family. Making that terrible choice, fulled by passion, in hope of something further developing with a man “of course” you ended up fuking and lets not forget he told you he had a WIFE AND CHILDREN and at no point offered you anything in terms of ongoing romance or commitment. Why you felt it was perfectly fine to f*k my friends husband we will never understand. Next time you decide to have s*x with someone make sure it’s with a man that actually cares about you. Make sure its a man that wants to be seen in public with you and maybe take you our for dinner first before you decide to f*k him. Janet you should respect yourself, friends and family instead of hiding behind bedroom walls for cheap s*x with married men, and maybe make better choices with your life.


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save the children, f**k the parents

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