James Pryal – Escanaba, Michigan




WARNING! Trust this man at your own risk! His ‘game’ is a smooth one, obviously honed after years of practice. Women, Beware of this man. If he contacts you run as fast as you can. I can not warn you enough. Stay as far away as you can from him. He has Genetial and Oral Herpes. He does not disclose this information but his baby momma showed me proof. He will use you, lie to you, he wants nothing but s*x from you. He is on every Internet dating website out there. He has profiles (usually hidden) on most of the popular dating sites. He is very sweet and considerate, doesn’t ask overly personal questions & is very quick to make you feel naturally comfortable chatting with you. Jim uses women for their money. He prays on the ones he thinks are weak and will use them for every dime they have. He cries about his kids and will lie to you about them. 4 kids by 4 different moms not just one! He claims to be a Fishing Guide but is not! Tries to train dogs but all he does is treat them badly! His criminal record is long with theft and many other things! Do not trust this man. He will use you for everything you have worked hard for! He will not pay you back and will cry the blues to get you to help! Watch yourself with him and for goodness shakes use protection with him! He don’t and can’t even pay his child support!

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Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Michigan By: [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

he run very fast too
catch up with you easy as pie
specially when u pants around u ankles

Answers Answered By: tom [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

He offered to tie my flies and
eat my creampie
whata man, and easy on the nose, he smells showered and looks clean

Answers Answered By: katy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

This man has one kid. Custody. Honest guy. Doesn’t HAVE a dog. Has no criminal record. Never borrows money. known this guy for 30 years. I guess jealous people can just make s**t up about him. Great dude.

Answers Answered By: Jason [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Half a*s “father”, has a criminal record. He’s scum and has nothing to be jealous of.

Answers Answered By: Amber [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #5

Sounds like this is all true


Answers Answered By: Bevvy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #6

sends pictures of his child size p***s. Middle aged man who preys on young women

Answers Answered By: Anonymous [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

He f***s his way through life. His car is as old as the girls he tries to pick up on the internet

Answers Answered By: Ashley [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #8

No way did this guy have kids that young He looks way to old

Answers Answered By: Kim [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #9

Is he a woman beater like his brother

Answers Answered By: Anonymous [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #10

homewrecker with a tiny p****r

Answers Answered By: Katie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #11

He cries after he climaxes

Answers Answered By: Lizzie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #12

Holy S**t! It’s about time someone exposed this lowlife
He will slide into your DM’s with some corny a*s line about how beautiful you are =] followed by some sob story about his heart being broken if you stick around he’ll become crazily obsessed.
I can’t wait to share this post

Answer #13

Jim deserves to be outed for the POS he is!
Ladies, he’ll slide in your DM’s showering you with compliments. They are well rehearsed. He has had the same tired lines for years and used them on a multitude of women. =]
For a very short time he will come off as charming, then his insecurities will start to show. He will tell the same stories over and over and He is either is the “hero”, the best or he was the victim. He is THE best fly fisherman around everyone else is flawed or a fraud. He will also cry to you about all the women who have broken his heart.
He expects admiration for this heroism and sympathy for being the victim, you will be punished if you don’t react accordingly.
If you stick around long enough you’ll get to see crazy obsessed Jim. It is down right terrifying.

Answers Answered By: Phyllis [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #14

This scumbag and my wife snuck around together for months. She would go on trips and meet up with him. She tried to convince me they were just friends the pictures of his d**k on her phone told me otherwise.

Answers Answered By: None [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #15

He is on dating sites! There’s a screenshot of his profile picture making its rounds he has a smile on his face and his tiny d**k in his hand.

Answers Answered By: Tig [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #16

Poor Jim, why are you picking on him? He is such a great person. L***O!
Seeing his haggard face on all of these cheating websites is hilarious and well deserved.
He has to lie all the time. He’s ashamed to share all the psychotic f**k boy things he does. There is a reason he is 40 something and has never been in a long term relationship. He has incredibly low self esteem, he’s unstable and manipulative.
He doesn’t only like his women young and damaged, he has a sick obsession with married women. He’s the guy a woman calls when she’s bored lonely and desperate, he’s nothing more than an easy lay.
When a women loses interest in him he gets off on s**t shaming them, He cannot handle the rejection. One would think after all these years of being unwanted he would form some sort of coping mechanism.

Answers Answered By: Tig [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #17

He’s on adult friend finder

Answers Answered By: Peggy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #18

So is his toddler d**k.

Answers Answered By: Peggy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #19

These posts are everywhere. Jim deserves this and so much more.

Answers Answered By: Fishy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #20

Ladies beware. he refuses to use protection. He sleeps with needle using drug addicts. He is spreading STD’s.

Answers Answered By: mami [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #21

Make sure you call him and tell him you know he’s dirty
906 280 4983

Answers Answered By: true [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #22

He’s a mentally abusive narcissist

Answers Answered By: bef [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #23

Wonder if his daughter has seen this yet.

Answers Answered By: sly [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #24

She already hates him for him never being there for her and the way he abuses her dogs.

Answers Answered By: Will [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #25

What an embarrassment this jack a*s is

Answers Answered By: Cecelia [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #26

The author of this article was too kind, Jim has so many more flaws and disgusting behaviors.

Answers Answered By: Jim Pryal is a pig [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #27

Does he still play football or did he quit that too because he is talentless? Bahaha

Answers Answered By: Red [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #28

One of the sloppy holes Jim sticks his d**k in. She matches his level of crazy and level of success, failed attempts.

Answers Answered By: Gru [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #29

Another recipient of Jim’s tic tac d*ck. Melissa Beechner the alcoholic drug addicted thief with a lengthy criminal record. He brings these people into his kids lives

Answers Answered By: Likeomirawr_4 [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #30

Jim’s complaint about his internet reviews. They are disgusting because the posts are the honest truth

Answers Answered By: Fra [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #31

Kristy Bichler, another notch in Jim’s belt. A meth dealer and addict. She couldn’t even keep clean while she was pregnant with her daughter. She seems like a good influence for Jim’s kids.

Answers Answered By: Lea [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #32


Looks like a lot of this is true

Answers Answered By: Bevvy [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #33

married women the home wrecker Jim Pryal has slept with

Answers Answered By: Truth [ Grey Star Level]

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