Jacques Conand of MicroFocus is on the sex offender registry




Jacques Conand of Micro Focus is your classic case of a dead beat father and delinquent husband. Jacques Conand of HP was married at least thee times back home in his native France that was until he abandoned his families to move to the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Jacques Conand was convicted of numerous child s*x offenses against his own step children and other that he left France to avoid prosecution, Jacques Conand is on the s*x offender registry and now he is back at it! Jacques Conand meets married women (mostly single moms with young children) so that he can get easy access to the kids. This sicko Jacques Conand is a child molester who needs to be locked up for good!!!


Hiding out in: France By: [ Grey Star Level]
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Wow! They don’t do background checks? Watch out ladies, another perv on the loose!

Answers Answered By: kendra [ Grey Star Level]

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