HIV+ Chem$ex Slam Meth Pro loves 2 deep fu¢k Gaysian A$$es more the merrier! 死鬼佬 Seth 夠淫賤夠姜針Slam冰毒 玩到咁顛又勁玩自拍群𨳒




I am an interior designer in Hong Kong, my name is Maciej Igor Setniewski. I have turned from a plain $leezy H**o who loves gay asian a$es to a meth-infused marathon $exoholic. Never touched recreational drugs until he had his first smoke of Crystal Meth on a vacation to Poland … Then all h**l broke loose…!
Different bags of meth, pipes and syringes are in different shelves and compartments in my flat, why because I am shady I like to cheat, and hidden from my helper and boyfriend, I love going behind my Boyfriend’s back and organize small group party and play at my flat. Chem$ex Orggies. I use Honkies’ favorite plastic table disposable sheets to guard all the walls and surfaces and open closets in my flat so my Bar3back fu¢kBuddies can have their lubed up hands and bodies all over without getting my s**t slimey. If I meet someone twinkly and submissive like klvn10 Kelvin Lee, then tide him up in the back stair case and gag and rap3 him for hours one on one.

Have you tried slamming? I love that euphoria high as a kite Bar3back fu¢K everybody, videotaping all of it, I even have a couple hidden cameras by the sofa to film my Bar3back fu¢Ks! Why I record it? I just love to watch myself Bar3back fu¢King, I am the KING of Sheung wan, I have a hot face, a hot Co¢K with goosed filled d!ck juice to fill my loyal royal Bar3back fu¢K subjects — Honkies’ A$$es… I am famous in this hood, they all call me “$EX G*D”! When I provide the meth, A$$es open up for my use… I love being a white guy, wherever in asia white super power dominate these sheepy honkies, smart but vanilla!

極淫專業 Chem$ex PRO 死鬼佬真係冇人性夠淫賤夠晒姜針Slam冰毒 玩到咁顛又勁玩自拍群𨳒 又名Seth 喺HK上環玩Chem$ex出晒名人人叫佢做“孖斯舔捱使 Maciej Pair Smoke Slam Ice” 翻譯即係孖住嚟又燒吸筒又打針Slam冰毒 !

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Hiding out in: China By: [ Grey Star Level]

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