Franca Stedile Angeli MD desperate, serial cheater Haverford, PA




Franca Stedile Angeli MD had a long term affair with Bruce Brownstein, who was married and had 3 children. I think that she was also already married to Wilson Spiandorello MD when she began her affair with Bruce. Franca got pregnant with Bruce’s baby, and they carried on as a married couple with all of her friends at the UCSF medical center, and she would sign her emails Franca and Bruce. Bruce then had another affair with a 3rd woman and she too got pregnant. When Bruce’s original wife discovered that he had 2 other families, she left him, but Franca accepted Bruce having a 3rd family. Franca would watch the show Big Love, the show about a polygamous family, and laugh about how it was similar to her life. Her background is in medical research, but given her compromised ethics, that is scary. She is currently working for Koutif Therapeutics. She has no morals and cared very little about the trauma she was inflicting on Bruce’s legitimate children. One must be incredibly desperate to stay with a “man” who enjoys going around getting multiple women pregnant.


Hiding out in: Pennsylvania By: [ Grey Star Level]

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