Erika Bottomlee — Cleveland, Ohio




This woman Erika Bottomlee is a serial cheater, This s**t love’s to come on very easy. She is a floozy has been around town and the block, Erika Bottomlee likes to sneak around with your man or husband. She will get close to you so she can get with your man. Erika Bottomlee has been locked up in and out of mental institutions her whole life. Erika is not a racist, her pimp is blacker than tar. She just doesn’t want him to become jealous. So far, he’s been good to her, hasn’t slapped her and lets her keep a couple of cigarettes and one of his used lighters. The motel she tricks out of isn’t the worst, she’s only seen a few cockroaches all week. They change the sheets every third day. It’s all good. She is passing on an STD Especially one that will NEVER go away HPV. We all need to expose this walking infected STD carrier.


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Lmao this is comical 🤣 this sounds like a bad lifetime movie. Sounds like some corny teenager wrote this mess. Stop wasting our time with this, OP! Is she married though? I’d like to buy her a drink. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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