Eric Bevelle — Pelham, Alabama




Cheated on his wife with women he met on Ashley Madison. Scum bucket. Talked bad about his wife to these women. Saying she spends all his money on their daughters modeling career. He’s short. Has a small p****. And thinks far too much of himself. When confronted he lied. Shocker.


Hiding out in: Alabama,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

he’s a cheater and a liar he’s not working with much in terms of brains or a d**k, he missed the bbc train and doesn’t like wearing condoms don’t let him fool you or you will have to see the doctor

Answers Answered By: anita [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

Small d**k eric wants his money back from ashley ,madison since those whores can’t keep his secrets and blab everything to his wife. They owe him a freebie for breach of trusted pillow talk. No BBC is ruining his street cred. STD’s – he swears he caught them from hillary at ashley madison.

Answers Answered By: senortita [ Grey Star Level]

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