Drew Anthony Benevento — Jacksonville, Florida




This person isn’t anything who they say they are or who they perceive themselves to be. Is extremely charming and “perfect” but don’t be deceived. Not only are some of the people and family around him are enablers, they know how he acts when no one is watching. He has threatened to kill the victim, himself, the victim’s animal all while taking out a knife from the kitchen, threatened that he would ruin the victim’s life and attempted to break and throw their phone away, left bruises on victim’s arm as well as around their neck from being strangled which was noticed first by police officer and photos were taken by forensics. Any person could look up Duval county court records and see the truth as well as others keeping evidence for themselves for safety. Please, don’t f be deceived. There’s never repercussions for a person like this actions or barely any. PLEASE speak up and file a report if anything has happened to you to make a better case for the next person. STAY clear and don’t divulge any information about yourself, or this evil person will use it against you. Money talks and there is no justice in the system.

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Hiding out in: Florida By: [ Grey Star Level]

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