Donna Irving – Bristol, New Hampshire




This chick is a total homewrecker. She lures men in by telling them that she looks 20 years younger than she really is. All of the men she jacks with are desperate men who come from bad relationships or broken marriages. This schitzo b***h claims to own a Learjet and yet can’t afford to keep up the mortgage on her mobile home in the White Mountains here in New Hampshire. The b***h tells all the men that she’s petite and keeps a picture of a petite looking woman in her Yahoo profile that is probably her daughter. This wench is a total chronic liar, and probably carries more diseases than Federal Disease Control down in Washington, DC. Beware guys!! this chick’s a serious f*****g lunatic. More deatails later as I gather more information. Stay tuned!!

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Answer #1

You know this woman or you gathering
Stalker Details! Just wondering if she dumped you..?

Answers Answered By: Nott [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

not true
i don’t got disease

Answers Answered By: donna [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Donna used to be petite but that was many years ago and she’s now a mini dumpling. The old photo lures them in and once in awhile she gets lucky, when the lights are low, when they’re stoned or drunk and the bar’s already closed.

Answers Answered By: dan [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #4

Donna looks like she’s about 15 years years away from retirement but is still looking for a good f**k in all the wrong places. Social media wasn’t big when she was growing up and she can’t get her grandmother to help much, gram’s is always playing B I N G O online.

Answers Answered By: heather [ Grey Star Level]

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