Diane "diANtinatalist" Bandy – McCandless/Wexford, PA




Diane Bandy the unemployed, menacing leech was on the news again!

This time, it wasn’t her burning down her house, killing a bunch of dogs, but it was just as morbid.

Check out her disgusting Halloween display of decapitated baby doll heads, fake blood and disturbing coffins with creepy messages all over them!


It’s a subtle message folks, telling you that she hates you and your children! Diane secretly wishes she could cut your baby’s head off and put it in her f****d up Halloween display!

This narcissist is indeed disturbed and is a borderline psychopath. She should be on the terror watch list, and should have her passport revoked! This woman is too incompetent to travel and be on airplanes. Diane “diANtinatalist” Bandy should not be allowed to travel, anymore, because she is mentally unstable.

Her sick stunt with her anti-children Halloween display disturbed her neighbors so badly, that the local news got involved. Diane’s husband, Dr. Andrew Ku did not want to talk to the reporters out of shame and embarrassment (who could blame him), but his attention w***e of a wife called the news reporters back, and gave them the interview they wanted. She explained how antinatalism is her philosophy. 🙄

Preach on, w***e! We’re not stupid! Anyone who watches your videos knows how much you loathe children. You don’t care about saving babies, or the world. You just don’t want children to exist and to be anywhere near you!

Stop acting like you care, because you don’t! Stop being a Karen and harassing mothers in shopping malls, because you don’t like the way their children are wearing their masks. You don’t give a f**k about masks, the virus, or them!

If you don’t want babies, children, mothers, blacks, and others (that don’t fit into your social class) in your personal space, then stay the f**k at home!

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