Dave Solazzo — Albany, New York




Beware, ladies! he’s fat and nasty, he constantly bothers other escorts looking to buy s*x and he wants to eat my infected pie. He did amateur p**n movies under the name Vince Peterson. This man will lie and tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then refuse to pay you after you suck his little c**k. I had to beg just to get a ride home after he took me to his house for s*x. He was a big shot when he was h***y and then got drunk and turned into an a*****e. Trust me, there’s nothing big about him and he’s a straight-up a*****e who is to cheap to pay for your time. He might even be married or wear women’s clothes. There was a jacket and a big pair of heels in the hall they looked like they could fit him. There were a couple of s*x toys by the bed and the sheets were very feminine looking. He will not be one of my regulars. He can find someone else to freak his little deek. He wouldn’t even give me $40 after he had his little fun. I hope the cheap b*****d sees this and remembers how he f****d me and now I want to f**k him right back. Don’t waste your time on him

Dave Solazzo
[email protected]

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Hiding out in: New York By: [ Grey Star Level]

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