Daryl Cornelius — Ocala, Florida




This is the biggest deadbeat dad ever….He has a total of 7 children, with one on the way. He has 3 with his first wife, who he owes over $120,000 in back child support to, he hasn’t paid me at all for our 11 year old daughter. He walked out on us in 2009. Last week, he asked to sign over his rights to our daughter, which I gladly took care of. He has signed the paperwork and left the state. He is with his current girlfriend, and they have a 2 year old and one on the way. Both of them are slobs and don’t deserve to be parents. Beware of him….he has no problem with creating children, but has a BIG PROBLEM taking care of them, both financially and emotionally.


Hiding out in: Florida By: [ Grey Star Level]

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