Darren Ambler-Prostitute-Sociopath-Liar-Sex & drug Addict-STD Carrier-DNA-Paternity confirmed- Danny's Father-Cherry Hill- NJ:




Darren Ambler’s life is about to “Forever” change. DNA has been confirmed. Darren Ambler’s lies- s******g and abusing women resulted in him being Danny’s daddy. Darren best be prepared for the up and coming Child Support Hearing. It is a win win situation for me and Danny
*********************************************************I M SURE there are other illegitimate children out there that are Darren Ambler’s: Darren may be in serious debt writing all these support checks each month. Darren may learn one day that we do not get away with bad behavior forever*********************************************

Sadly- Darren may also lose custody of his 2 kids. We have to present the evidence against him in my Child support case. I feel the Judge will agree- Prostitutes- Liars- Drug addicts and idiots make bad parents. If Darren decides to show up in court he better make sure he takes his medication for the Herpes. If not his bony a*s may begin to burn right in the middle of court. Remember the idiot also infected 13 or more women with his gross STD’s.

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Hiding out in: Liar Cheater Man By: [ Grey Star Level]

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