Dr Ravi Murali — Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Ravi Murali is a high-level fraud, a criminal fake doctor practicing medicine without a medical degree. Dr. Ravi Murali has dropped out of University, never finished Degree, and photoshopped fake medical degree certificate to obtain…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] May 2, 2020

Steve Hamm is a Terrorist and Sexual Deviate

Steve Hamm is a terrorist recruiting young men to drive 20,000 torpedos into buildings and carry concealed guns to shoot people. He is also a sexual deviate inviting African American men to engage in violent BDSM.
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 2, 2019

Samantha Andersen — Racine, Wisconsin

This girl is fixated on people she can't have. She has it in her head that she can bully and harass people into giving her, her way. Including stalking, cyber-bullying, getting phone numbers and calling and…

Rachel Fundak — North Freedom, Wisconsin

This red-nosed slut will abandon a friend for a chance to get fucked by her friends' baby daddy - the red-nosed bitch on the left in this picture. They're both cheating skanks and deserve all the…

Rachell McLain — Menasha, Wisconsin

Another casual pose for Rachell McLain, a whore who likes cheaters from the Menasha, Wisconsin area, men with jobs or trust funds who can afford her side-slut services. She plans her poses, pimps her assets and…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 3, 2019

Vinnie Hartmann — Madison, Wisconsin

Wanted to warn women of this ugly psychotic cheater and male slut. I met this jerk off facebook. He tried to act like he was a nice person..once he met, then he said one reason he…
Answers 2 Comments In: Deadbeats,Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] Mar 12, 2019

Michele Rudolph – Appleton, Wisconsin

Michele Rudolph fucks her boss at ServPro in Appleton, Wisconsin. Married men are her first choice. Two of the men she got with were in relationships called marriages. She sleeps around and drinks, drinks and sleeps…

Christina VanderMause – Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

She almost got with my friend's husband but her kid came home earlier than expected. He actually told his wife this, thinking that would get him out of the doghouse! He had to sleep on the…
Answers 11 Comments In: Deadbeats,Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] Feb 3, 2019

Peter Hernandez – Plymouth, Wisconsin

Peter Hernandez of Plymouth W I has physically and emotionally abused women. Do not date him. You have been warned.

Erick Walquist-serial cheater

This is a married man and he cheats continuously on his wife. No shame considering he has two young children. Will suave talk into getting what he wants. Needs a big wake up call, hope this…
Answers 1 Comment In: Wisconsin By: [ Grey Star Level] Jan 14, 2019

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