United Kingdom

Yolanda Kershaw — United Kingdom

This dirty pissy pants b***h goes around sucking mens c***s off robs her own dad cheated on dave wallace she has hepatitis C the deadly killer disease and she still does what she doestakes crack aswel…

The 20 "Most Wanted" People In Hampshire, According To Crimestoppers THESE Are The Men And Women Dubbed Hampshire's "Most Wanted"

The 20 "Most Wanted" People In Hampshire, According To Crimestoppers THESE Are The Men And Women Dubbed Hampshire's "Most Wanted"
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Amanda Gardiner — London

Amanda Gardiner has gone through all the married men and still has some fuck left in her skank ass. It will cost you though, she's a whore who advertises online and claims to be drug and…

Faye Ashton — Boughton, Cheshire

Faye Ashton is often seen as a hateful racist but, truthfully, she hates everyone, mostly herself. She lacks talent and couldn't keep her pants on if there was an elevator for the free ride. Faye Ashton…

Farrah Knowles — Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Farrah Knowles knows how to get a man to cheat and always goes for the married men. She has only one thing in mind, scratch the itch between her slutty thighs. The wife can go to…

Nina Day — Worcester, Worcestershire

When she was fucking abroad, Nina Day hardly ever thought about her boyfriend back at home. She cheated so much, she didn't have time to think about anything except a quick clean up and fresh panties.…

Karen Foster — London, United Kingdom

Karen Foster thinks she's ready for a reality show and a line of knockoff clothing. A wanna-be model and amateur floozy, she works part-time selling her pussy for fast cash, She posts the pics on InstaGram…

Fiona Campbell — Bradford, United Kingdom

While she was blowing her friend's boyfriend, David Smith, from Bradford, United Kingdom, kept quiet about the cock thievery, never said a word. Occasionally, she would ask her friend how things were going in their relationship,…
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The Sun employee Rebecca Husselbee is a racist

Rebecca Husselbee also known as Becca Husselbee an employee at The Sun has made racist comments about Muslims and sexually harassed Muslim women. Rebecca Husselbee's email address is [email protected] Racist Rebecca Husselbee's Twitter is @rjhusselbee please…

Barny Wiles — Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Chronic liar and sex addict. Serial cheater with no morals.

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