New Jersey

Cris Tucci Belkewitch Taoofcris Lying Cheating Scum in NJ

Beware of talking to Cris Belkewitch or Cris Tucci of Roselle NJ. He loves to meet women on dating apps or social media. He will pretend he's really sweet and honest only to be seeing multiple…
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Rosemary Beam — Tuckerton, New Jersey

Homewrecker and a hoe who tries to steal your man!

Eric Freda Creep exposed

This scumbag has been sending gross photos to women online for years. It’s time he is destroyed.
Answers 1 Comment In: New Jersey By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 30, 2019

Lowei M Najjar — Butler, New Jersey

Liar, Cheat and Thief. Please Beware, a psychopath, that will steal your Money, your jewelry . He will suck your soul dry, lie while looking into your eyes, swearing on his children, he is not. BEWARE..

Dominique Condello — Toms River, New Jersey

Drugs and orgies and drd's, Dominique knows all about them, and so does the public, one of her fuck buddies who used to be fuck buddies with several other fuck buddies... Someone came up nasty and…
Answers 2 Comments In: Deadbeats,New Jersey By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 17, 2019

Lisa Grande – Westfield, New Jersey

Lisa Grande didn't think twice about sleeping with a married man, she thought it couldn't happen to her since her reputation as an realtor and a slasher is known. Ha ha, she can cheat and manipulate…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,New Jersey By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 14, 2019

Amanda Lynn Humphreys — New Jersey

A clean shave got rid of the crabs. It was easier getting rid of those little, itchy critters than it was getting rid of the lice. Amanda needed special shampoo for those scalp eaters. No worries,…

Felix Peralta Jr. — Clifton, New Jersey

Please beware of this man, Felix Peralta Jr. from Clifton, NJ. He is a classic Narcissist. He is a cheater, a liar, an attention whore, and unapologetic in how damaging his behavior is. He’s a user…

Darren Ambler- Liar- Sex-Drug addict- STD Carrier- Psychotic- Abusive- Illegitimate child- Brain damage-Cherry Hill- NJ:

As soon as DNA results are in I will make them known. Little Danny will have the best in spite of the circumstances. Danny was conceived out of lust- dirty sex and degrading oral sex because…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: New Jersey By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 11, 2019

Eric Freda – Rockaway, New Jersey

Eric Freda, aka Uncle Pecker, was sure he could talk to a married woman or two without his wife finding out. It worked for awhile, he got in a little cheating before he got caught. He…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,New Jersey By: [ Grey Star Level] Apr 9, 2019

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