New Jersey

Keir Clifton Simon — Newark, New Jersey

This deadbeat has 6 children by 4 different women and has custody of none, Occasionally goes month without supporting his children. is in arrears for $6800 for his disabled son and refuses to take overnight visitation…
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Keith Pittman — Burlington Township, New Jersey

A true deadbeat ! I met this b*m 8 years ago on Myspace. We hooked up he got me pregnant twice soon after to find out that he was criminal about to go to prison. He…
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John Gary Campbell — Collingswood, New Jersey

John has been in hiding for 22 yrs and owes $67,000 in child support. He works off the books and makes no attempt to ask about or see his son.
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Christopher Short — Woodbury, New Jersey

This DEADBEAT DAD has avoided paying child support from the day his 3 and a half year old daughter was conceived. He makes sure he has a cell phone and Monster drinks and smokes on hand…

Mark Arnott — South Orange, New Jersey

58 year old deadbeat.Has been married three times . I have a restraining order against him. He cut up all my clothing including cutting out the nipples of my bra. He was arrested for punching his…

Jessie Coborn — New Jersey

Lying and very manipulative. Tells women he is single when in fact he is NOT! The moment you question it, he attempts to say you’re crazy or have trust issues. Even after proving that he is…

Jessica Johnson — Cape May, New Jersey

This pay-for-play whore is sometimes confused with your average homewrecker. The distinction is this: Jessica Johnson is a professional whore who gets paid big money for sucking dick, eating pussy or taking things up her ass…

Rahim Lofland — Camden, New Jersey

This photo proves Rahim Lofland is nothing but dirty ass nigger, Rahim Lofland has had sex with random girls everyday. This man is a load of drama. He cheated on me 3 time that we have…

Cynthia Scaletti — Highland Park, New Jersey

Cynthia Scaletti used to be shy, that was before she found out how much she likes Xanax and heroin. Now, she's willing to send out nudes and semi-nudes to attract the cheaters who are willing to…
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Angela Poole Ellingsen Is A Whore

Angela Poole Ellingsen is a senior lead for a major international company. She has used men in order to rise to the top. She'll sleep with any guy who promises her money and a promotion. Angela…
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