Ryan Mondoley from Las Vegas Nevada defends rapists, abusers, and sexual assault.

Ryan Mondoley from Las Vegas Nevada defends rapists, abusers, and sexual assault.

Sharon Rose — Lincoln, Nebraska

Sharon Rose got dumped by a man who didn't know she could lose weight and transform herself into El Vira. Didn't matter, he's a cheater and Sharon was just a notch on his belt. Now, she's…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Nebraska By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 28, 2019

Carson Sisk — Kimball, Nebraska

Carson Sisk is sick and twisted in his mind he is a sexual predator at its finest he runs a daycare center is not a real business but for $20 you can have your kid watched…
Answers 1 Comment In: Nebraska By: [ Grey Star Level] Mar 21, 2019

Ashley Sisk — Kimball, Nebraska

Ashley stays cold except when she's having sex and likes to spend winters under the covers sucking off married men from town. She's come up with a new game where she tries to extort money from…

Jeanne Anderson — Louisville, Nebraska

Homes People Love is this homewreckers slogan. She loves to break up homes, too. She gets an estimate for hedge trimming and then wants her beaver and face waxed with cum. Young married guys are her…
Answers 5 Comments In: Deadbeats,Nebraska By: [ Grey Star Level] Feb 20, 2019

Shelby Dirkschneider – Dodge, Nebraska

She will screw any guy black or white or anything alive. She has a track record mile long that shows that she does favors for married men. She has no morals, I’ve busted her fucking my…

Crystal Anderson – Auburn, Nebraska

This woman will do her best to get your man to go to bed with her. My boyfriend got sideways with this bitch - Her name is Crystal Anderson from Auburn, Nebraska. They both drink at…

Deandre Cannon – Omaha, Nebraska

DEANDRE (George) Cannon. This man is a walking STD. He sleeps with anything that moves. He was married when I met him. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until I am now 5 months pregnant. He lives…
Answers 4 Comments In: Deadbeats,Nebraska By: [ Grey Star Level] May 5, 2018

Adriel Baltimore – Nebraska

Adriel Baltimore from Omaha. Ladies Watch out for this SOB. He is a liar and is married and has multiple girlfriends. I followed him one day I found out he has another girlfriend from out of…

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