Anna Feldman — Sharon, Massachusetts

The club or bar is just where Anna wobbles around and gets numbers for later, to hook up with strangers for money after she is out of money. She sells a few pics and lap dances,…

Yvette Desormeaux — Adams, Massachusetts

Yvette Desormeaux is a whore nurse, who's cheated on EVERYONE she's ever been with! She has 2 ex husbands, and 6 kids from 3 different fathers! A sociopath incapable of human emotions, she cares only for…

Ellen mcgowan

Liar cheater slut at work with any man who will fuck at lunchtime
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 4, 2019

Lunchtime goo gobbler

This woman doesn’t know how to keep her pants on with any male coworker
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 4, 2019

Marc Aldrich Of Cisco Likes To Bill Escorts On The Company Tab

Marc Aldrich is a Senior Vice President at Cisco Systems who pretty much lavishes himself on the corporate account as though it is his own Swiss bank account. Nevermind that Marc Aldrich is a 68 year…
Answers 1 Comment In: Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 30, 2019

Wendy Dean — Springfield, Massachusetts

She likes to aggressively pursue married men with no shame or remorse. She lives in the Greenfield/Northhampton MA area. About to go international via the Internet.

Jocelyn E. Collen, M.Div.

This woman is a complete psycho. First off, she is a Religious Educator, Chaplain, Prison Chaplain, Spiritual Director, Special Education speaker. She aspires to be a priest. She holds a position of trust and authority but…
Answers 2 Comments In: Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 19, 2019

James Porter — Ashby, Massachusetts

James ( Jim ) is abusive. His 2 wives had restraining orders of abuse. He is a smooth talker until your alone with him. He has picked me up by the back of my neck, and…

Kristina Gannon — Massachusetts

Why didn’t you go to the wedding of his youngest daughter in Utah with Joe? Sad that you are married to a man and his children hate you. Also, why don’t you have a job yet…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 29, 2019

Debbie McInnes Groveland Massachusetts

Debbie McInnes is not a cheater. But her name is on this site. She unfortunately got caught in the middle of a highly dysfunctional relationship trying to be a good friend and an open ear. She…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Massachusetts By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 25, 2019

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