Liar Cheater Man

USF! COVERUP! | When will you do something about the sexual harassment and porn-use during work hours of your supervisors, employees, and professors such as David Brodosi and Dr. Catherine Wilkins?

David Brodosi: What a Dirty Man! USF library supervisor views porn at work. On university-owned computers! And then sends it to female employees under his supervision! With his USF work email! Writes sex stories. Masturbates to…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Liar Cheater Man By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 21, 2019

Darren Ambler- BEWARE- Sex-Drug addict- STD Carrier-Sociopath-Prostitute- DNA- Illegitimate children/Cherry Hill- NJ:

Beware concerning Darren Ambler. Sociopath- Sex and Drug addicts only grow worse over time. STD infections can be life threatening. He is responsible for Illegitimate children and at least 2 abortions. Darren Ambler is a true…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Liar Cheater Man By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 17, 2019

Darren Ambler-Prostitute-Sociopath-Liar-Sex & drug Addict-STD Carrier-DNA-Paternity confirmed- Danny's Father-Cherry Hill- NJ:

Darren Ambler's life is about to "Forever" change. DNA has been confirmed. Darren Ambler's lies- screwing and abusing women resulted in him being Danny's daddy. Darren best be prepared for the up and coming Child Support…

LADIES BEWARE !!! Wannabe Rapper / Cheater / Player

I don’t like to post people on here, but this guy is a pathetic excuse of a man and I don’t want any other girls going through it like I did with him. He will act…

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