Garrett Durbin — Owensboro, Kentucky

This boy was jealous of his son and threw a temper tantrum because I expected him to be an adult and keep his job. After I left him he only wanted anything to do with my…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Kentucky By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 11, 2019

Carrie Edmiston Dillon Coleman Childers — Sidney, Kentucky

Has three sons, custody of none. Long standing drug and alcohol history. Will not pay regular support for any of her kids. Currently almost $5000 in arrears. Has been arrested for contempt. Still refuses to make…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Kentucky By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 11, 2019

Tara Leigh Sprague — Louisville, Kentucky

Tara is a known alcoholic, and Xanax abuser. She has a minor child in Mississippi, that she has not seen or contacted in yrs. She currently is in excess of 15k in back child support. Her…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Kentucky By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 11, 2019

Kevin Herrick — Louisville, Kentucky

Ladies run far far away! This man got me pregnant in April .. He immediately ran.. He tormented me first saying I wasn't preg the. When he saw I was claimed it couldn't be his.. Then…

Lyndsey Allen Lane — Louisville, Kentucky

Lyndsey is a homewrecker who has sex with ppl who are in relationships

Sherry Shaw — Richmond, Kentucky

Sherry Shaw will suck your cock in your car or hers, in your apartment or hers. And, if you want to invite her upstairs for a fuck, she's down with that, too. She likes cheaters and…

Treyvon King — Lexington, Kentucky

100% liar and cheater. Has multiple women he is trying to be with, is in a relationship with, and has had sex with.

Run far away from this man

I have been married to this man for 7 yrs and he is cheater and is in military that is when most of his CHEATING was done and he has 6 kids that I know of,…
Answers 1 Comment In: Kentucky By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 30, 2019

Amber Shrader — Upton, Kentucky

Amber Shrader of Upton, Kentucky wasn't coming on to a married man, she was just testing the waters, seeing if he and she had a future if they hooked up for real and he dumped his…

Berube Grace Russell — Richmond, Kentucky

Get the big boobs in the shot from Berube, yeah, that's good, fake as hell. Berube Grace Russell is pregnant by a nigger and looking for a baby daddy to drink with wile she's pregnant and…
Answers 3 Comments In: Deadbeats,Kentucky By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 15, 2019

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