Magaly Alba — Wichita, Kansas

This illegal got married and became a U.S. whore. She cheats on her husband and then debates about the meaning of a whore. For example, if she fucks every hairy dick she meets but doesn't charge…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 5, 2019

Mark McVay — Wichita, Kansas

Invite Mark McVay into your house and watch him work. It doesn't take this confidence-cheating thief to find and eat all the cookies, drain a bank account, use all the toilet paper and never replace the…

Sarah Schwartz — Wichita, Kansas

Pill-popping Sarah Schwartz has a girlfriend named Melissa Maxwell. The two of them can drain a bottle in no time and be on Facebook looking for more friends with bottles. Known cheaters around the bar, these…

Anna Levendofske belleville

She is loose and sleeps around
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 30, 2019

anna Levendofske belleville ks

She’s a nasty slut
Answers 2 Comments In: Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 30, 2019

Ashley Camplin — Kingman, Kansas

At the club, Ashley Camplin has been accused of dick hopping with cheaters. They meet her when their girlfriends are home or at work for a little romp around the room. She's met several taken boyfriends…

Joanna Dawson — Kansas City, Kansas

Needing limbs removed and remodeling done, Joanna Dawson found a man who could do it all. Before long, he was removing her panties and bra, showing her who was boss and getting paid for his service.…

Keegan Bandy — Colby, Kansas

Danea didn't ask questions when her cheating lover said sex was painful for his wife and she encouraged him to go out and find a floozy for sexual satisfaction. She jumped at the chance, thought maybe…
Answers 3 Comments In: Deadbeats,Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 9, 2019

Christina Jones — Wichita, Kansas

This old whore is a cheating homewrecker from hell. Nastier tham most, Christina Jones can't keep her legs closed and doesn't even try. She taking loads and forgetting names, a real cum dumpster who spreads disease…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Kansas By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 5, 2019

Savanah Stephens — Wichita, Kansas

Savanah says she didn't rape that dude, he wanted it and is just lying because he got caught cheating on his dumb bitch who believes him. He didn't say if he was overpowered or just too…

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