Ashlee E. Bauter — Meridian, Idaho

She might be new to the sugar s**t game but she’s not the freshest p***y on the Hotel/Motel circuit. This b***h must be too lazy to clean up after she gets used for money, her p***y…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Idaho By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 15, 2020

Rachel Hansen — Star, Idaho

Rachel is getting desperate for some nasty sex and has resorted to threatening her ex cheaters' partner. As she balloons bigger and bigger, less and less cheaters want to chance being crushed in her freaky fetishes.…
Answers 1 Comment In: Deadbeats,Idaho By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 13, 2019

Robert Bowen — Boise, Idaho

He’s a Liar, a Thief, an extortionist. He abuses Women, Rapes them and he Molests children. He is horrible human being. Be very careful, even though he seems nice at first and looks at you with…

Kevin Divine — Twin Falls, Idaho

Men AND Women: Don't be charmed by this psycho! Kevin is around t 6'1" and about 220 pounds, he's charming and social at first, until you piss him off, which happens when you stop giving him…
Answers 2 Comments In: Deadbeats,Idaho By: [ Grey Star Level] Jan 5, 2013

Eddie Gene Allen — Boise Idaho

Do not marry this man! I was dumb enough to fall for him and thought he was a great guy at first. He has a drinking problem….about a six pack or more of beer a night.…

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