Mark Arnott — South Orange, New Jersey

58 year old deadbeat.Has been married three times . I have a restraining order against him. He cut up all my clothing including cutting out the nipples of my bra. He was arrested for punching his…

Wayne Granier — Thibodaux, Louisiana

He Is 65k behind in child support and refuses to get a job. Has seen and talked to his 4 daughters 1 time since 2005

Michelle Williams — Waxhaw, North Carolina

This is Michelle Williams she is a perverted twisted home wrecker and deadbeat who creates fake stories and photos when someone rejects her skanky fat a*s

David Winer — Toronto, Canada

David Winer is an inept lawyer. Wish I had read about him before using him. What a terrible unorganized office, and lawyer. Never returns calls, charged more than he estimated by a long shot. Only used…

Chazney Markle — Oxnard, California

Chazney Markle is a deadbeat and reverse racist N****R who deals heroin. She is a pathological liar and behaves like a n****r swinging from the trees and screaming for a banana like an ape should.

Amanda Gardiner — London

Amanda Gardiner has gone through all the married men and still has some fuck left in her skank ass. It will cost you though, she's a whore who advertises online and claims to be drug and…

Derrick Burts — Escondido, California

Derrick Burts contracted HIV, Herpes, and Chlamydia after just a month on the job making gay porn under the name Derrick Chambers and straight porn under the name Cameron Reid. With Chlamydia being curable and Herpes…

Ashley Liz Cooper – West Hollywood, California

Ashley Liz Cooper is a cheater times two. Her boyfriend was getting whatever she threw his way, sloppy seconds or sloppy thirds. She was banging a married guy from work and another one who had a…

Adina Nasholm — Alberta, Canada

Even though the homemade tats make her look stupid, Adina Nasholm is THAT bitch. The one from, Sylvan Lake who can get action from a men who strays, stays away from his girlfriend long enough to…

Kyle Morris of Demars & Associates in Hurst, TX is a Faggot with AIDS

Kyle Morris has unregistered guns which he illegally carries across state lines. He is a heroin junky and royal jerk off who abuses children and is a pedophile. He is a gay faggot with HIV/Aids and…

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