Jason Marino — New Haven, Connecticut

I met Jason Marino through He seemed like a nice guy. We met in June 2018 and things moved on pretty quickly between us. He proposed to me in September 2018 and had plans to…

Rhett Connelly — Stamford, Connecticut

Filthy dirty Jewish sugar daddy no show Rhett Connelly is an ESCORT ABUSER. THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A WHITE MALE failed to pay for any of his sugar daddy activities and when he did escort my…

Sean Boeger — Stamford, Connecticut

Sean Boeger is a JUNKY and drug addict who abuses heroin and meth. He is a pathological liar who can’t control his mouth.
Answers 1 Comment In: Connecticut,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 29, 2019

Melissa Damboise — Middletown, Connecticut

Melissa cozies up to her girlfriends' guys and shares lies about how she's being dumped for some other slut. Her co-workers would rather listen to her lies than work, so it's instant chemistry and the game…

Christine Laboy — New Britain, Connecticut

Christine Laboy is busting to get with your man, any man. With her new +2's, she wants to show them off and test them out with cheaters. She's trying to earn the money for more work…

Chantel Boeger — Stamford, Connecticut

Chantel Boeger is a white trash piece of filth. She belongs in the closet with all the other dusty trash she comes from.
Answers 3 Comments In: Connecticut,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 11, 2019

Sean Boeger — Stamford, Connecticut

Sean Boeger is a thief stealing expensive jewelry from elderly crime victims and suspects.
Answers 2 Comments In: Connecticut,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 10, 2019

Cathy Pfeffer – Connecticut

A bar slut and cheater, Cathy says she goes to hear the bands but is really looking for a live-in cock to accompany her many toys. She thought she had one but started lawing down the…

Even Santana — Bridgeport, Connecticut

If your wife is pregnant and just isn't in the mood to fuck, let Even take care of your stiffness. She's in the Bridgeport, Connecticut neighborhood and doesn't charge much to take the spit off your…

Kathryn Hastings Stratford CT USA

Kate Hastings is a fat ugly cow with an active STI infection in her face from sleeping with gay men. She is a violent political activist who uses violence and racism to further her personal objectives.…
Answers 1 Comment In: Connecticut By: [ Grey Star Level] May 27, 2019

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