Rosa Santiago-Martinez of Waterbury, CT USA is a big fat Puerto Rican NIGGER SOW

Rosa Santiago-Martinez is a fat Puerto Rican nigger sow. It begs real people for money all day and night getting violent and even sending FBI criminals like Fritz Volcy to threaten and harass people who do…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Connecticut By: [1 Grey Star Level] Sep 28, 2020

Heather Louise Echevarria — East Windsor, Connecticut

Psycho. Uses men to take her out just to get exes attention. No real intention of anything serious. Dates about 3-4 guys at a time.

Frederick V Gamber — Granby, Connecticut

Lived with a girl in Connecticut, got her pregnant all while still sleeping with his ex in Connecticut and a 2 FWB there. Also in another relationship with Jessica in Alabama and other FWB partners in…

Videsha Lilmanmangru — Wolcott, Connecticut

Everyone’s first thought of Videsha when they first see her is: she’s a heroin addict. She’s got those, Snoopy-droopy eyes and a pockmarked face, people want to check her arms for track marks. What she does…

Michael Montanaro Stamford, CT is a wetback Mexican pedophile

Michael Montanaro and Vanessa Laccona of 36 Dads Ln in Stamford , CT is a wetback spic Mexican and pedophile. He molests children and has a violent temper.
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Connecticut By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 23, 2019

Lou DeRubeis — Stamford, Connecticut

Lou DeRubeis of Stamford, CT is a convicted pedophile and sick child molester who molests little Phillipino boys.

Michael Montanaro — Vanessa Laccona — Stamford, Connecticut

Michael Montanaro of 36 Dads Lane in Stamford, CT (PH: 203-595-0596) is a f** piece of wetback spic s with AIDS who smokes pot with his ugly w* wife Vanessa Laccona who has Tourette Syndrome and…

Paul Provost — East Hampton, Connecticut

Paul Provost of East Hampton, CT is a bald middle-aged desperate joke who goes by “Pablo” on Match. He is divorced with 2 grown children who want nuthing to due with him and don’t speak to…

Lou DeRubeis of Stamford, CT is a child molester

Lou DeRubeis is a child molesting sick freak who has butt sex with goats and horses asses. He also molests Phillipino boys in hus spare time by licking their sweaty stinky little feet.
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Connecticut By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 21, 2019

Michael Stempien — Greenwich, Connecticut

Michael Stempien is a pervert who sexually abuses animals.
Answers 2 Comments In: Connecticut,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Jul 27, 2019

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